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Move it or lose it – don’t let COVID lockdown be your excuse

January 13, 2021
Move it or Lose it - don't let COVID be an excuse

We all know what we should be doing regarding exercise or moving our body (which sounds like less work 🙂 ) so as part of my January theme, Review and Reset in 2021, I thought it was time to remind ourselves of the importance of moving our bodies. Yes, challenges will always present themselves – COVID-19 & Lockdown restrictions, inclement weather, ‘not in the mood’ the list goes on. But you are only kidding yourself if you keep saying ‘I’m…

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What I want and letting go of what I don't
Discover Yourself

What I want and letting go of what I don’t

‘I want this’ is the prompt for ‘Life this Week’ with Denyse Whelan.  So I’m sitting at my computer thinking about what I want in particular and quite frankly, I’ve drawn a blank.  However, if you keep reading you will see that I did…

October 28, 2018
5 Ways to Achieve Balance in Your Life
Health & Wellness

Finding Balance As You Navigate MidLife

Like most people, my life can become hectic – even in retirement – and it is sometimes so easy to lose sight of what is important in our lives.  Life takes over, we are tossed back and forth like flotsam on the ocean and…

January 8, 2016
Why We Need A Mental Health Day
Health & Wellness

Why We All Need a Mental Health Day

When I left one of my jobs, I left with $15,000 worth of sick leave accrued (unfortunately not paid out). Yes – that’s a lot of sick leave not taken over a 10 year period. Back then, my attitude was that if you weren’t…

May 24, 2015