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The Power of Silence & Sitting on your hands

August 2, 2021

Are you always the first to Volunteer?  Your Hand is up, ‘Yes I will do it!’Are you Taking on more but enjoying it less?  What would happen if you sat on your hands, if you let others step up to the plate? In this week’s episode of Micro Mondays.  I discuss Knowing when you hold, when to fold and when to walk away Change your automatic response Negotiations it is usually the person who speaks first that loses A Win/Win situation…

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10 Steps to Finding Happiness In Your Life

  HAPPINESS - WHAT IS IT? It is International Day of Happiness and it started me thinking about Happiness and what it means to me. While researching ‘happiness’ I came across this website, World Happiness Forum totally devoted to happiness. It has some great reading…

March 20, 2015