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Keep Moving, Keep Doing, Keep Living ON WITH THE BUTTER!

October 22, 2020
Keep on moving, keep on living

My guest today is Heidi Herman, author of several books including her most recent “On with the Butter, Spread more living into everyday life’. Inspired by her 94 year old mother who at the time of her death was still writing of her experiences in her final work ‘Never Too Late”, Heidi has written this motivational book which includes ideas and encouragement to find activities and experiences to enjoy life especially after retirement. During the conversation we discussed: The fear…

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9 ways travel changes you

9 Ways Travel Changes You

I previously published this post about two years ago but revisited and updated it.  Next month, we will be cruising to Japan, not great timing after the recent typhoon but you can never predict the weather when travelling. I love travelling and discovering new…

April 17, 2017