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ChiBall & Keeping Active After 50

April 14, 2019
ChiBall and Keeping Active After 50

Debbie Harris from Deb’s World is one of my closest blogging friends. A fellow Aussie, we live in different States but in January we were fortunate enough to meet in real life and it was like meeting someone I had know all my life. The one thing I admire about Deb is her sense of adventure, spontaneity and giving things a go. Ok, that is three things but anyway, when I asked Deb what keeps her Active After 50 she…

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Thriving by doing more of what you want
Over 50 & Thriving Series

Thriving by doing more of what you want

My next guest in the Over 50 & Thriving series is someone I recently met through a Facebook Group and then discovered we live literally about a 15 minute walk from each other! Susan Gan from Thrifty After 50 enjoys travelling with her husband…

January 17, 2019