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Still Alice – Highlighting Alzheimer’s Disease

February 12, 2015

still Alice the movieJulianne Moore is receiving rave reviews and received an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Dr Alice Howard a linguistic professor who is facing the devasting early onset of Alzhemers disease.

I was part of a book club a couple of years ago and one of our chosen books was Still Alice and it left a lasting impression on me.  Set in Boston, I identified with Alice because we were around the same age, we both ran and I had recently visited Boston.  I remember vividly the scene where she is going for a run and she suddenly couldn’t remember where she was.  Also the feeling of disbelief when she was diagnosed – even though she had started to realize what her symptoms could mean.

The book was poignant and written with compassion while at the same time describing in detail the effects of this disease not only on Alice who knew it was happening to her, but also her family who in the future she would not recognize.  I would highly recommend you reading the book and I am sure that the movie will be just as good, although I haven’t seen it.

I haven’t been touched by this disease through family or friends however can appreciate the helplessness it invokes watching a loved one slip away.

Alzheimers diseaseI’ve attached a link to Alzheimer’s Australia if you are interested in reading more about Alzheimers Disease.  There is also some confusion as some people feel that Dementia and Alzheimer’s are one in the same.  This is not the case and I’ve attached a link which may be helpful to understand

If you have seen the movie, read the book or more importantly have had first hand experience with a loved one or friend, I would love to hear from you.



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  • Reply Sue Anne Dunlevie February 12, 2015 at 22:26

    Hi, Sue,

    I just finished reading the book on my Kindle. I loved the book – I could see Julianne Moore in every chapter. It was so insightful but I didn’t like the end of the book.

    Now I need to go see the movie to see if it has a different ending!

    • Reply sue February 13, 2015 at 05:50

      Hi Sue

      Yes I loved the book and thought Julianne Moore was a perfect choice for the film. I’m hoping to see it on the weekend. I agree I hope they don’t have a different ending. I remember reading Under The Tuscan Sun and loved it. I then saw the movie and although the scenery was beautiful (who couldn’t love Italy) the ending was different and it spoilt it for me.

      Thank you for your comment. Enjoy your weekend.

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