Sizzling Towards Sixty Update #15

September 23, 2015
Sizzling Towards Sixty

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Hello Sizzlers!

Welcome to another edition of ‘The Sizzling Towards Sixty Update’. A warm welcome to all the New Sizzlers who have subscribed to the newsletter and I hope you enjoy reading it and also sharing with friends.

This last week has not been quite so hectic thank goodness.  I have my usual ‘nan’ duties on Tuesdays when I get to spend quality time with my gorgeous grandson Ethan.

He is such a joy and I love spending my time with him and of course his big ‘sister’ Wallis the Pooch (who has 1,055 followers on Instagram would you believe!). Here they are enjoying a game of tug-of-war.

Have you heard of Olive Leaf Extract?  I recently learned about it from my Personal Trainer, Nikki Wakerley.  Nikki highly recommends it so I’m going to give it a try.  I’ve written an article about it for this week’s update. I’d love to hear from you if you are currently using it.

Are you planning your retirement?  Don’t wait until you have retired to start planning.  A good, comfortable retirement needs planning as there are so many factors such as financial as well as health.  This week we look at how you can be rejuvenated when you retire.  You need to start now!

Do you love a good long soak in the bath?  Unfortunately, I only have a shower where I live, so baths are a luxury when I stay in a hotel.  This week we have a DIY Bath Detox which will have you feeling great.

In this issue:-

  • Olive Leaf Extract – The Next Big Thing in Health?
  • 6 Ways to Make Sure You Are Rejuvenated When You Retire
  • Beauty Spot – DIY Bath Detox

That is all my news so go and make yourself a ‘cuppa’ and enjoy reading some of my latest posts.

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