31 days to focus on you Fit & Fabulous 2017

Fit & Fabulous: 5 things to tick off your self-care list – Week 2

July 12, 2017


Self-care list week 2

Last week we started ticking that I listed on my 31 days of ideas, or maybe you came up with your own list.  If you didn’t get a copy you can download the list here to get you started.

This month my theme on the blog has been 31 days to focus on YOU  If you want to catch up you can click here to read through the posts so far.

Self-care list Week 2

Your goal for this week is to tick off 5 more things to do that are JUST FOR YOU!  Who is up for the Challenge?

Being fit, fabulous, healthier and happier doesn’t just mean working out.  It means nurturing your mind, body and soul.  That means taking time to look at these three areas of your life and ensuring that you are doing things to keep healthy and feeling fabulous.

We can all have great intentions of making changes in our lives but what is the point if we don’t actually DO anything.

5 more things to tick off your self-care list this week

I’ve written posts about each of these so just CLICK ON EACH IMAGE to read the post in full.

1. Take a long slow stretch when you wake each morning.

Self-care list week 2

Did you know that ‘sitting is the new smoking’?  Meaning it can be just as damaging to our health to sit for long periods of time as it is to smoke!

Society has changed and we are leading a more sedentary lifestyle.  We sit for long periods of time, usually hunched over a desk.  This can play havoc with our body, especially our lower back.

We spend so much time ensuring that we are eating healthy foods and exercise regularly, but we tend to forget about Stretching.  Stretching is such an important part of our exercise program but most of us don’t give it the respect it deserves.  Read more….


2. Eat more vegetables and less processed foods

Self-care list week 2

We know that we should be eating more fruit and in particular vegetables but sometimes they can become boring. I’ve listed below 5 quick ways you can increase your veggie intake without too much effort – and we all like that don’t we?  Read more…

3. Choose one day for the week to be your ‘technology free’ day

Self-care list week 2

We get so caught up with technology – computers, social media, television, smartphones that life can become a blur.  Taking one day each week to step away from technology and enjoy life does wonders for our mental health.  Read more….

4. Take 5 minutes each day to reflect and give thanks


Self-care list week 2

We hear a lot about being grateful these days. There are even blog challenges to write about what we are grateful for each day, or month or year. But has this term become overused? I hope not!  Read more…

5. Bring more laughter into your day

Self-care list week 2

Research has shown that laughter is good for us physically, mentally and spiritually. It reduces stress, increases our sense of well being and lifts our moods. There are even laughter groups to encourage people to laugh and feel good.  Read more…

How to achieve your goal?

We can all procrastinate, say ‘we don’t have the time’, say ‘we have responsibilities’ BUT you and your well-being is JUST AS IMPORTANT.  SO MAKE THE TIME!

In my previous post I listed 3 ways to achieve your goal AND also the health benefits of making time for yourself.  CLICK HERE TO REVISIT THEM BECAUSE WE CAN ALWAYS DO WITH A REMINDER.



So are you going to schedule your ‘me time’ this week?

Will you tick off my 5 suggestions or do you have others on your list?


Let’s Keep Sizzling!




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  • Reply Donna July 12, 2017 at 13:16

    This week I was able to instantly check off four of the five suggestions. (It’s that pesky ‘technology free day’ that is my true weakness)!

    • Reply Sue Loncaric July 13, 2017 at 06:45

      I know Donna, same for me! Technology is the killer but I don’t think we are alone we just need to keep trying. I’ve selected Sunday to have as a tech-free day and so far it is working. Have a great week!

  • Reply Terri Webster Schrandt July 13, 2017 at 10:17

    Such great info, Sue! So far, Sundays work for me, too for being technology free. It helps that most summer weekends, we’re at our windsurf campground playing outdoors mostly all day. The only thing I do in the early morning, is delete emails I won’t be able to read, but I might hop on my kindle or play a mindless game. I just received my desk extension from Office Depot that makes my current desk a standing one when I want to stand. It is so easy to sit on my arse all day!

    • Reply Sue Loncaric July 14, 2017 at 09:32

      Oh your Sundays sound perfect Terri and you are certainly making the most of summer! I love the idea of your new desk extension!

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