A Retreat of Self-Discovery to Find Harmony and Happiness to Live Well

“A Holistic health and self-care wellness retreat with a difference”

1st Nov, 8:00am – 12pm
Numala Forest Retreat,
120 Davenport Dr,
Bonogin QLD
4213, Australia.​​​​​

Are you craving some time to yourself?

I’m delighted to invite you to a very special Yoga retreat that delivers a collaboration of health wellness with Carol Wedenberg of Harmony and Healthy Yoga

​Join Sue Loncaric (Women Living Well After 50) and Carol Wedenberg (Harmony and Healthy Yoga) as we take you through a journey of self discovery and transformation towards finding harmony and happiness to live well that results in gaining the best version of YOU!

Sue and Carol are excited to be hosting this special health and wellness retreat set in a tranquil and serene Queensland location just 20 minutes’ drive from the iconic Gold Coast beaches. You will spend half the day in the lush and intimate Gold Coast hinterland – a setting that will reinvigorate and re-energise the mind, body and soul.

About this Event

At this half day retreat Carol of Harmony and Healthy Yoga will introduce you to principals of yoga that allows you to allow your mind to become calm and clear and reduced stress and relieve tension of the body and mind.

Her sessions will help you relieve stress through yoga and mediation. Spend this time to relax and recharging your body as she helps you to get a better understanding of the benefits of yoga for mental and physical health.

Carol will give an in depth explanation of breathing techniques of Pranayama and simple yoga postures that will improve your overall mental well being. 

Yoga does more than make you feel good, this practices has real, concrete results for the mind and body – with the changing environment that we’ve all experienced this past year maintaining a mental health and well-being and adapting to our changing circumstances is key. 

This retreat is about connecting to the deepest part of who you are, and bringing all the elements – the outer physical body and the inner subtle body – back into alignment. 

By learning and experiencing the benefits of yoga you will discover the balance to the ebbs and flows of life through the principals of yoga. These yoga session will be particularly helpful if you are feeling drained from the overwhelming pace of the everyday life, and would like to restore emotional balance, reduce anxiety and become more grounded and focused.

Is this resonating with you?

To complement the benefits of the yoga session, Sue from Women Living Well After 50 will take you through the process of designing a Signature Self-Care Plan for Living Well created by YOU and for YOU. Self-care helps you balance your mental, physical, and emotional needs while reminding you of the important people in your support system and the self-care goals you wish to accomplish.

Self-care is a form of Self-respect. It’s about:

  • Accepting that you and your needs matter.
  • Learning that you need to prioritise time and show kindness to yourself. To nourish your mind, body and spirit in order to live a happy and healthy life.
  • Through inter-active workshops you will discover what self-care tools should be included in your Signature Self-Care toolkit. Resources that you can call on when you need that extra TLC that are perfect just for you.

The schedule will include:

  • Morning Altars & Meditation
  • Signature Self-Care Plan Workshop
  • 2 Yoga sessions (Rise & Shine morning yoga + Restorative Yoga)
  • Light meals and refreshments of herb teas provided

***Transfers/transport not included
***Please notify any dietary requirements
***Early Bird Price if booked by 24th October – $80 and receive a FREE Wellness Journal
***Price if booked after 24th October – $100

To achieve the deepest benefits form your mini retreat please wear comfortable clothing. We ask that you kindly bring a bottle of water and a towel. Light meals and refreshments will be provided. 

Added BONUS of FREE Self-Care Workbook and Yoga ebook outlining Yoga Postures to reduce stress will be provided to all participants of the Health and Wellness Retreat. 

​Dedicate this time to yourself unwind, de-stress, let go, return to centre and find harmony and happiness to live well.

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