Are you suffering from Retirement regret?

Retirement Regret? Yes, it can exist and I may even be suffering from that myself five years after I took the plunge into early retirement. I recently asked the question ‘What does your version of Retirement look like? and the comments flowed in. Lydia from Where the Wild Things Were, raised a good point in her comment: I think a lot of people misunderstand how much satisfaction they actually get from work. It is hard to be productive when there’s no structure. Work doesn’t have to define you but productivity is important. Things happen in 3’s The topic of Retirement seems to be popping up everywhere in my life at the moment. I was recently asked to contribute my thought to an article ‘A Workaholic’s Guide to Retirement’. The article raised some interesting points in particular the need to plan, re-assess your priorities as well as re-assessing your thinking. My daughter, who is an Executive Coach mentioned that she had seen an increase in people needing help transitioning into Retirement. They are nervous and unsure about their future. Life has revolved around a career of over 40 years. It is an increasing problem to address, especially for those who are … Continue reading Are you suffering from Retirement regret?