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‘R’ is for Relax, Recover & Refresh – Why we need a recovery day

April 21, 2016
R is for Relax, recover, refresh

Relax Recover Refresh


There comes a time when we are feeling overwhelmed, tired or just feeling ‘blah’.  We feel stressed and irritable. Our bodies are telling us to slow down BUT we aren’t always listening.

Taking time off to recover your mind and your body is just as important for your health as a good workout.  You cannot function effectively if you are running on empty and recovery is a vital part of maintaining good health.

Pushing your body to the limit during exercise without recovery can set you up for injury which will put you even further behind.

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Why Physical Recovery is important

Starting a new fitness program can be exciting and challenging.  You feel inspired to start training and in some cases perhaps you are training for an event.

Whilst Exercise and keeping fit is important to our health and well being, we must also learn to listen to our bodies and include recovery days into our program.

Recovery days don’t necessarily mean that you don’t exercise.  Recovery is what is says, helping your body to recover from the stress you have put it under whilst exercising. 

I’m someone who doesn’t like to stop but I am slowly learning to listen and obey my body’s requests.  Including recovery time can be frustrating sometimes, especially if you enjoy exercising and have a particular goal you are working towards.  You feel like it is a step back and you won’t achieve your goal.  However, if you don’t include recovery days you probably won’t achieve your goals.

If your body is sending you messages that it is tired or has niggling injury, you should take a rest day and recover – even if you had scheduled a training day.

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Click here to Read in detail my 5 ways to use your recovery days & nurture your body

Why we need a Mental Health Day

We all become mentally fatigued and if you are feeling low or stressed and feel the need to ‘step out of the world’ for one day – do it and don’t feel guilty! I actually like to call these days my ‘Me Time’ days.

  • Watch a movie
  • read a book
  • listen to music
  • go for a walk
  • have a coffee with a friend
  • catch up on sleep.

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it is something that will nurture you and make you feel relaxed and happy in the moment.

Click here to Read more about Why We All Need a Mental Health Day

The importance of having time alone

I written many times about the importance of ‘me time’.  Taking time out to do something for YOU that will nurture, relax and reflect.  We also need solitude, time on our own, however some people confuse solitude with being lonely.  They are two completely different things.


It is so important to try to cut out the noise of our daily lives and concentrate on our inner self. Meditating or having quiet time each morning will help to start the day with inner peace and a sense of calm.

Click here to read Why Solitude is not the same as being lonely/

Regularly doing something just for you is not selfish the benefits are enormous not just for you but for your family and friends.  Time out will invigorate your mind, body and soul and you will soon feel happier and with a ‘spring in your step’.

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 Try this exercise

Schedule some time this week to take a day for yourself and indulge. Write it in your calendar and plan the day. You will feel so much better for it.




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  • Reply Leanne@crestingthehill April 21, 2016 at 20:15

    I did Relax for my “R” word today too Sue – it’s a slightly different take on the meaning but I think it’s integral in finding peace within ourselves and with our dealings with the world around us. If we let stress build up we become uptight and angry and unappreciative and that’s not the kind of people we want around us! Leanne @ cresting the hill

    • Reply Sue Loncaric April 22, 2016 at 16:44

      Hi Leanne I’m behind in commenting so will pop over to yours. We all need the three R’s otherwise yes we do become grumpy and not very nice to be around.

  • Reply Alana April 21, 2016 at 20:20

    As a caregiver for an elderly parent and disabled brother in law, my husband (and I) have to be very careful about this – things to do can so easily fill up the day. Good advice, because “me time” is something you really have to do if you don’t want to burn out. The principle isn’t just for those on an exercise/training program. Great post.

    • Reply Sue Loncaric April 22, 2016 at 16:45

      Oh Alana you do have a lot on your plate! You are right the principle is for anyone and basically for life in general not just exercise or training. I do hope you and your husband get some ‘me time’ you are very special people.

  • Reply Jeffrey Scott April 21, 2016 at 21:37

    I hate to admit it, but I don’t think I’m going to be taking any rest days till the AtoZ is over. LOL
    We are nearly there and coming back from vacation means I’m still trying to play catch up.
    But in May I plan on scheduling my rest days, and I’m hoping I can start jogging again. Something I need to do again.

    • Reply Sue Loncaric April 22, 2016 at 16:47

      Yes A-Z is definitely heavy going Jeffrey! I’m starting to fall behind in commenting on other posts which isn’t good. I hope you enjoy some time off in May and thanks for visiting each day I look forward to your comments.

  • Reply Annette April 22, 2016 at 02:19

    I am longing to plan a me-day – I just can so much relate, dear Sue.
    What do you do when you have a “you-day”?

    • Reply Sue Loncaric April 22, 2016 at 16:48

      HI Annette I love doing things for me – nails, hair, bubble bath with a glass of bubbly. I also like spending time with my daughter who I don’t see very much so that is always special time. What will you plan?

  • Reply DR.Amrita Basu April 23, 2016 at 01:45

    Hi Sue
    loved that you wrote about me time and the souls holiday!Itry to do be alone with a book for atleast 5 minutes every day.Thanks for visiting me from Bloggers pit

    • Reply Sue Loncaric April 23, 2016 at 08:19

      Yes I love reading and get lost in my books all the time!

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