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What you should be eating to reduce the risk of Osteoporosis

October 22, 2016
Osteoporosis Foods to Eat

Although Osteoporosis is known as the silent disease because there are no symptoms, it doesn’t mean you can’t try to prevent it.  Apart from exercising there are vitamins and minerals found in our foods which can assist in improving bone strength.  There are also some that we should avoid.

What foods should I include in my diet?

Foods that contain Calcium and Vitamin D should be included in your diet to reduce the risk of Osteoporosis.

Low Fat Dairy Products – milk, cheese and yoghurt (see note at end of post)

Osteoporosis Foods to Eat

Salmon, Sardines & Tuna including the bones

fatty fish such as salmon are anti-inflammatory foods

Dark Green Vegetables

Osteoporosis Foods to Eat

Fruit & Vegetables

Osteoporosis Foods to Eat

Stuck for Recipe ideas?

Here is a  link to Bone Friendly Recipes which should help keep a variety in your diet.

What should we avoid in our diet?

  • Reduce your Salt Intake

Studies by Linda K Massey, PhD, RD, a professor of human nutrition at Washington State University in Spokane suggest that “The salt content of the typical American diet is one of the reasons why calcium requirements are so high.”   Table salt can cause calcium loss and weaken the bones.  Research also shows that menopausal women who have a high salt intake lose more bone minerals than those with a low salt diet.

Salt is also contained in processed foods and so take time to read the labels for sodium content.

  • Calcium Supplements

A recent article I read suggested that research has shown that take Calcium supplements could damage your heart by increasing the risk of plaque build up in arteries.  HOWEVER, eating foods high in calcium did not present a problem.  It is always a good idea to discuss this with your doctor.  If you want to read more here is the link to the article: Calcium Supplements May Damage the Heart

For more information click on the link below:

Note:  Since posting this article, I’ve had some comments that perhaps Milk is not the answer. Scientific research changes constantly and can become confusing or perhaps we need to look at where the funding is coming from for the research.  I’ve attached a link below to an article called ‘Debunking the Milk Myth’ to give you another point of view.

Can you change your diet to reduce your risk of Osteoporosis?

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