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Make your Bedroom Your Sanctuary for Sweet Dreams

July 29, 2016
Sleep well and make your bedroom a sanctuary

Why is it that you feel sleepy and as soon as you go to bed your mind suddenly decides to go into thought overdrive?  Does that happen to you?

You know the drill, you lay there and drift off to sleep, wake up feeling like you’ve been asleep for hours but it is only really a few minutes.  Then the clock watching begins and the thought running through your mind “I have to get up early for….”

You try counting sheep, counting backwards, counting forwards, counting anything – but nothing seems to work!


Arianna Huffington spoke recently at a Sleep Symposium and said:

“Many of us are so used to being tired all the time that we think that is the new norm. If you go to Google and type in “Why am I…” Do you know what is the most common autocomplete?
“Why am I so tired?”

I’ve never really been a ‘good sleeper’ and if I can achieve 5 – 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep I feel great.  I wake at the same time every morning usually around 4:30am even if I haven’t fallen asleep until after midnight.  My body clock just doesn’t change.

Having sleepless or sleep interrupted nights played havoc when I worked full time.  However, I seem to be able to survive and function well on only a few hours each night.  I’m now retired so there is the safety net of not having to get up and rush off to work each morning.

New mothers prove that you can survive on only a few hours sleep however in the long term we need sleep to be healthy and to keep our mind functioning clearly.

Lately, I’ve started to really examine why I don’t sleep well and apart from night time being condusive to ‘worrying thoughts’ and problem solving, technology plays a huge part.

I have to admit, particularly in winter, I love to hop into bed and watch television and of course there is checking the latest on social media on the smartphone.  These two activities stimulate the mind which of course then stops you from falling asleep.

How to make your bedroom your sanctuary and a haven for sleep.


Comfort, comfort and more comfort – buy a mattress that is not only comfortable but provides support for your back, like this comfy memory foam mattress .   I also love investing in luxurious bed linen and covers.

Peaceful surroundings – make your bedroom a sanctuary.  That means removing distractions such as T.V. and Electronic devices in your bedroom.  Even the lights from the alarm clock can disturb your sleep.

Remove work from your bedroom – some people actually have a desk or laptop in their bedroom.  A study is for work and a bedroom is for sleeping – oh and other pleasures!

Wind Down before sleep – Use the time before sleep to meditate and reflect on your day.  My daughter and son-in-law have a bedtime ritual with their two year old son.  They read stories and then sing some songs softly.  This relaxes him and helps his mind prepare for sleep.

Worried or anxious? If you are worried about something get up and go to another room. Read a book or listen to some music. Write down what is worrying you and ways you might solve it.   When you go back to bed leave your worries at the door.

I would love to share with you some images provided to me by although I’m not affiliated with this company I loved their messages.

They show various sleep problems and ways to overcome them.


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  • Reply Linda July 31, 2016 at 19:55

    Sleep has always been the health thing that I have struggled with the most. According to my Mum, I was never a good sleeper as a child. As a grownup, I’ve always struggled to get to sleep, and have also been an exceedingly light sleeper. I’m a night owl, and I love staying up late, and even sort of begrudge having to go to bed because there’s so many things I want to do! I read an article in the paper today that talked about some research pointing to Alzheimers being much more prevalent in those who take longer to get to sleep. Yikes!! I think I may become a lot more motivated to try the types of activities to calm and soothe myself to sleep more quickly (and stop thinking about everything!). That is one disease that I find the notion of terrifying. Here’s to a good night’s sleep! Linda. 🙂

  • Reply gigi August 1, 2016 at 18:11

    I use a fan at night just so that I have some “white noise”. It seems to help and I really like it. I read somewhere that if you are going to read on your tablet in bed that it is good to turn the screen intensity down,…so I have mine set pretty low. But, yep,…I always want to stay up later than I should. I’ve always been a night owl,…but then getting up is so hard!

    • Reply Sue Loncaric August 2, 2016 at 10:05

      Yes I use a fan as well and the same with the screen I turn it onto night mode. However, I’m really trying not to use any electronics but it is hard!!! So lovely to hear from you xx

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