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Living an Alive Life – The Book

June 29, 2015

Come ALive Cover

I would like to introduce you to Tara Schiller our guest blogger today.

Tara, a fellow blogger who I have recently met is proudly publishing her book “Living an Alive Life”.  This book is a great journey of self-discovery for readers. In conjunction with the book, Tara’s blog ‘Absolutely Tara’ will have the support you need to start Living An Alive Life.  Look out for this book on Amazon, it will be a great read.

Tara Schiller is an author, life coach, business woman, mother of four, and blogger living in San Diego, Ca. She focuses on discovering your true self, living your life on purpose, and doing things simply because you want to.

Tara writes…..

“Even the most beautiful wild horse, when whipped enough times, will become a polite pony that you can comfortably ride and have no fear of. But who will she be then? A shadow of herself. No longer free.”

It’s a sad truth that as we travel through this life, our raw and unfiltered beauty takes a beating. It’s told to modify, reshape, hide, and feel shame about what it contains, until we are nothing but shadows of our original being.

This is not okay.

We want to feel alive and free, full of love and admiration for anything and everything that we are. And we want to thrive in a life that is designed around our true self, not what we’ve been told to be.

But it’s not that easy, is it?

We’ve hidden our original identity for so long, we no longer know who we were to begin with. It’s so far lost that even if we were given full permission right this minute to be who we really are, we’d look into the mirror and be lost.

But chances are, we aren’t given permission. We’re told to “be good”, “behave this way”, “achieve this thing”, “feel positive emotions”, etc… Basically, do what it takes to be accepted, so we can feel loved, and satisfy our most essential need.

But what we realize over time is that even when we gain acceptance from others, we aren’t satisfied, because the deeper desire to be known isn’t fulfilled. We are not known by others because we’ve hidden ourselves in order to be accepted, and the crazy cycle of life goes on and on in a catch 22 we can’t escape.

So where do we start? How do we retrain our minds to value our hearts, and begin living in a world where acceptance isn’t our priority but connection is instead? How do we find our true selves and begin to blossom, so we can come alive?

That’s what I’ve written about in my book, Living and Alive Life. It’s mind training and heart opening. It covers how we got here in the first place and how to get out. Then it walks through an evaluation process and making an actionable plan based on your discoveries. And because discovery and plans are only the beginning, it covers how to deal with the emotional obstacles that will stand in the way.

I’ve also created the blog, Absolutely Tara, to offer daily support, and to share my own personal journey as well.

I’m excited to share both these avenues with you, because my greatest desire is that in the end you will know you are absolutely and completely worthy of love for anything and everything that you are.

-Tara Schiller




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  • Reply Tara Schiller June 29, 2015 at 14:53

    Thank you for the kind words Sue!

    • Reply sue June 29, 2015 at 15:18

      My pleasure Tara and good luck with the book!

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