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I’m a guest on the Fit Strong Women Over 50 podcast

February 25, 2021
Fit Strong Women After 50 podcast

You may know I started a podcast last year Conversations with Women Living Well After 50. Season 2 will be starting soon but if you missed Season 1you can catch up HERE and be inspired by my guests who are Living Well and have inspiring stories to share.

I had been following podcasts for this niche for some time before I actually pushed the button on my own. One of the podcasts I enjoyed and found very informative was the Fit Strong Women Over 50 podcast hosted by Chris Brown and Jill McCauslin from Becoming Elli.

I was delighted to be interviewed to share my thoughts on Living Well After 50. Although I had never met Chris and Jill we fell into an easy conversation and I’m looking forward to having them as my guests in Conversations in Season 2 of the Women Living Well Podcast which is starting soon.

During our conversation we discussed:

  • Key thoughts on mindset, attitude and remembering that you are an individual, not an age.
  • Focusing on your reason “why”.
  • The importance of building a community of like minded individuals.
  • My advice to my clients about living well in all areas of life
  • My #one365word project and how that has influenced how I live my life.

You can listen to the podcast HERE and I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts. Don’t forget to leave a like or comment on the podcast as well to support Chris and Jill.

Women Living Well After 50

Living Life Your Way


  • Reply Toni Pike February 25, 2021 at 08:22

    Season 2 sounds fantastic, Sue – congratulations. Toni x

  • Reply Donna Connolly February 25, 2021 at 10:03

    Congratulations, Sue!! I’m off to have a listen right now.
    I greatly look forward to following Season 2!
    You reman a true inspiration!

    • Reply Sue Loncaric February 28, 2021 at 09:00

      Hi Donna, I really enjoyed talking with Chris and Jill and when I listened to the podcast I think I even inspired myself! LOL:) Thank you as always for your support and friendship. x

  • Reply Angie February 25, 2021 at 10:36

    I have been listening to Fit Strong Women podcast for awhile and felt very inspired after hearing their interview with you. I immediately checked out your website, this is just the boost I needed to get moving on some of the ideas I have put aside. I too am a runner and I recently have had the mindset that I should stop as I am aging (58) and after listening to you Ive regained confidence and feel inspired to continue on with the one exercise that truly brings joy to my life. I am excited to hear all the many podcasts you have and I am excited to share them with my friends. Take care☺️

    • Reply Sue Loncaric February 28, 2021 at 09:02

      HI Angie, so lovely to hear from you and thank you for your kind words. I hope we can connect more in the future we have running in common and NO you aren’t too old to stop running – unless there is a physical, medical reason then do what you love. I love to run and it is great to hear from someone else in my age demographic (I’m a little older than you) who loves it too! I hope I can inspire you to keep doing what you love. xx

  • Reply Leanne | www.crestingthehill.com.au February 25, 2021 at 12:30

    You sounded great Sue – and very knowledgeable to about quite a wide variety of Midlife topics. I think they were very impressed with you by the way they were speaking to you – always a win! Thanks for being such a great representative of healthy women over 50 and leading the way for the rest of us. xx

    • Reply Sue Loncaric February 28, 2021 at 09:04

      Thanks BBB, I really enjoyed chatting to Jill and Chris and I think that came across in the interview. Thanks for your kind words and friendship. xxx

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