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How to start living life your way today

April 4, 2022

It’s April! A new month with new beginnings. How will you be living life your way during this month. It’s never too late to make things happen. In this week’s Micro Mondays episode on the podcast I’m sharing the basics on how you can get started living life your way and on your terms.

Do you need to work on your health to remain active and fit?

Do you need to overcome self-doubt? – is there something you have wanted to do but just don’t have that self-belief?

Do you need to work on your relationships and social connections?

Do you need to work on your mindset?

Whatever you want to do or change in your life, know that it is never too late to start.

In this episode I discuss the importance of
• setting your goal, –
• knowing why you want to achieve it
• time frames
• commitment
• planning is key
• taking action today
• micro steps and patience
• celebrating your weekly wins and accepting when you go off track
• reaching out for support from the ‘right’ people

Listen to the podcast and then share with me the one change you want to make today

Are you living life your way? How do you see your life this month? Still waiting to start or moving forward? It’s your choice.

Having trouble getting started? Contact me and let’s work on helping you living life your way today!

Sue Loncaric

Women Living Well After 50

Living Life Your Way


  • Reply leannelc April 4, 2022 at 10:43

    Hi Sue – I’m not great at intentional planning – writing goals and then working through them. That being said, I can see the importance of having an action plan when I need to accomplish a change in my life. Atm I’m figuring out how to exercise in a way that I enjoy now that walking for more than 10mins isn’t an option. I’m about to dig out my bicycle and start a daily ride now the weather is cooling – mobility without weight bearing – use it or lose it!

    • Reply Sue Loncaric April 9, 2022 at 07:45

      Hi Leanne, it must be very frustrating for you as I know you enjoyed walking. The bicycle may be a good alternative and yes, move it or lose it is so true especially at 60+. I’d be interested to hear what alternatives you come up with. Do you do stretching daily? that should help. xx

  • Reply Retirement Reflections April 4, 2022 at 13:25

    Hi, Sue – Once again, your podcast is filled with many great gems. I especially like “reaching out for support from the right people”. I am very grateful to have these people in my life! 😀

    • Reply Sue Loncaric April 9, 2022 at 07:45

      Me too! My support group is a treasure to me which I cherish. xx

  • Reply Debbie April 8, 2022 at 18:29

    These are all such great tips Sue and I think I like the micro steps and having patience the best. I know I have to go easy on myself when I stray off track at times and having a good group of people to support me helps a lot. You are always so helpful and generous with sharing your thoughts – many thanks!

    • Reply Sue Loncaric April 9, 2022 at 07:40

      Thanks Deb! We all know these tips but sometimes we just need a little reminder, I know I do. x

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