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How to Select the Right Foundation Makeup for You

July 10, 2015

how to select right foundation2Have you had foundation disasters where the foundation wasn’t blended evenly and you looked like you were wearing a mask which stopped at the jaw line?  Maybe the colour was wrong and your face looked to tanned for the rest of your body.

Part of my 10 Steps to A New Improved You is starting with diet and exercise and then your makeover.  Let’s start with foundation which one to select and how to use it. 




[bctt tweet=”Before you apply makeup always make sure you have cleansed, toned and moisturized.”]

I found this great chart on Pinterest via that covers (sorry for the pun!) the complete guide to using Powder and Foundation for your ideal coverage.

I love foundation and concealers because they help to make your face smooth, cover any blemishes and gives you a great base to work with for your makeup.

We all want that healthy glow! However, there are so many on the market!  Do we go liquid, mineral powder, matte finish, pancake (not the food), tinted moisturizer, BB cream, CC cream? Where does it end?

If you aren’t sure what is suitable for you, take a visit to your department store and ask to try some different brands and styles.  Of course, they will try to sell you the product so don’t buy it unless you really like it.  Sometimes, they will give samples for you to try before purchasing the more expensive product.





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