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How to Achieve a Healthy Weight Range

February 7, 2017



In a previous post, I wrote about Why You Need to know what a Healthy Weight Range is and the health risks associated with being overweight.  If you missed it, CLICK HERE.

So we know ‘Why’  and now I’m going to discuss How you can achieve and maintain it.

How  to achieve a healthy weight range?

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Get a check up and discuss with your doctor

Osteoporosis Midlife & Beyond

If you are struggling to lose weight even if you try, there could be underlying reasons for this.  Perhaps you have a medical condition you aren’t aware of. Stress and anxiety can play a major part as some people find comfort in food.There are ways to succeed in losing weight and keeping it off.

Make an appointment with your doctor if you have gained weight for no reason.  There could be an underlying health problem.

Accept that healthier eating is a lifestyle not a Diet fad.

healthy food

We need to realise that we can’t keep putting off changing our diets to eat healthier if we want to maintain our weight and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

We need to make healthier choices and accept that it is a lifestyle.  Fad diets don’t work, they are short term and are not a healthy or sensible way to approach losing weight.

In my post Diet is a Dirty Word I explain why the word ‘diet’ in the sense of starving ourselves to lose weight should be banned from our vocabulary.


Bicep Curls

We need to take a holistic approach to maintaining our weight and include exercise in our diets.  In generations before when we were more active because

we didn’t have ‘mod cons’ to do everything for us and we walked everywhere, weight management was not such a problem.

In today’s society we need to get off the couch and MOVE.  Reducing calorie intake is not enough we need to exercise regularly.

Just 30 minutes of exercise 3 – 4 times per week is all that is really required.

Get enough sleep


The National Sleep Foundation suggests a correlation with poor sleeping and obesity.  Being overweight can cause sleep apnoea which is affects breathing while you are sleeping and serious cases can be life threatening.

People who do not sleep well aren’t motivated to exercise because they feel tired.  In fact, exercise helps us to sleep better. However, we can fall into a cycle of not sleeping, not exercising and not sleeping and so on.

Some who have trouble sleeping are also more likely to snack late at night taking in extra calories.

Set an example


As a parent or grandparent it is our responsibility to set healthy examples for our children.  Obesity in children is increasing and we will have a generation who are chronically ill all because of being overweight.

Leading by example by healthy eating and regular exercise will encourage our children and grandchildren to lead healthier lives and live longer.

What is one thing you can do today to start a healthier lifestyle?

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