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From Crone to Creatrix – Unlocking the Power of Midlife Women

October 7, 2021

From Crone to Creatrix, Author, Stephanie Raffelock,  reclaims midlife and challenges ageist, sexist archetypes in her new memoir:  Creatrix Rising – Unlocking the Power of Midlife Women.

 In her new book, Stephanie Raffelock liberates mold-defying midlife women, tired of the oft-inaccurate characterization of the “old crone,” to amplify the resounding strength within. 

The content of Creatrix Rising, strongly resonated with me in so many ways I couldn’t put the book down so highly recommend it to you.

Stephanie was warm and inspiring and I felt I could have kept the conversation going.

During our conversation we discussed:

  •  Reframing the conversation on aging and combating the stereotypes applied to aging women 
  • Understanding aging as a remarkable and noble passage 
  • Why it seems that society shames women as they age, how we can correct this “old crone” mischaracterization and change the conversation about women and aging — We begin by embracing our years and seeing aging as the next great adventure 
  • The emerging Creatrix archetype and the creative surge of midlife women that invites reinvention and reclamation 
  • Well-known women who embody the Creatrix archetype — Ruth Bader-Ginsberg, Meryl Streep, Twyla Tharp, Stacey Abrams, Jennifer Aniston and Kamala Harris
  •  How her personal experiences informed the concepts in “Creatrix Rising” and how she incorporated stories of women in her family into this book — Stephanie’s mother, grandmother and great-grandmother all had their own struggles and celebrations, and each of them influenced her ideals and ideas about being a woman 
  • Her work to uplift women in her own community where she lives in Austin, Texas 

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Stephanie Raffelock is the author of “Creatrix Rising,
Unlocking the Power of Midlife Women,” (She Writes
Press – August, 2021). She also penned the award
winning book, “A Delightful Little Book on Aging.”

A graduate of Naropa University’s program in Writing
and Poetics, Stephanie was a contributor to The Rogue
Valley Messenger in Oregon. She has blogged for
Nexus Magazine, Omaha Lifestyles, Care2.com, as well
as SixtyandMe.com.

A former i-Heart Radio host, she is now a popular guest on podcasts, where she inspires women to embrace the strength and passion of their personal story. Stephanie continues to build her speaker’s resume by giving presentations for groups like The Ashland Literary Arts
Festival, Breaking the Glass, WINS at Charles Schwab and Southern Oregon University, Friends of the Hannon Library. Her commitment to uplift women extends to teaching personal development classes for incarcerated women and non-profits, including Dress for Success,

A recent transplant to Austin, Texas Stephanie enjoys an active life with her husband, Dean andtheir Labrador retriever, Mickey Mantel Raffelock.

Connect with Stephanie:  

Stephanie’s book is also available through Amazon.

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  • Reply The Widow Badass October 7, 2021 at 10:16

    Great podcast! Thanks, Sue!


    • Reply Sue Loncaric October 10, 2021 at 13:59

      Stephanie was such a delight to chat to, Deb. I could have chatted for hours. x

  • Reply Retirement Reflections October 7, 2021 at 10:19

    Thank you for sharing another great conversation with us, Sue. The topic of ageism is such an important one. I just finished reading Kent Herauf’s last book, ‘Our Souls at Night.’ Although it is fiction, it goes well with this podcast. Age is so often discriminated against to devastating effects for all. Having confidence and strategies to counter these false stereotypes is essential.

    • Reply Sue Loncaric October 10, 2021 at 13:53

      I could have chatted to Stephanie for hours, Donna. She is such an interesting and delightful woman. xx

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