Finger Sandwiches

April 22, 2016
finger sandwiches

High Tea

When I think of Finger Sandwiches or Ribbon Sandwiches as they can be called, I immediately think of an elegant High Tea.  These dainty, crustless sandwiches are the epitome of an elegant by-gone era and a worthwhile inclusion to your next High Tea menu.

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Be adventurous with your fillings or traditional with the original cucumber filling.

Finger Sandwiches


1 loaf white bread

1 loaf wholemeal bread


Smoked Salmon slices

Cream Cheese

Lebanase Cucumber finely sliced

Ham Slices

Avocado – mashed for spreading


  1. Remove crusts from bread
  2. Take 2 slices of white and 1 wholemeal
  3. Spread bread with cream cheese
  4. Add salmon then slice of wholemeal then more salmon and cream cheese then slice of white bread
  5. Cut into 3 fingers
  6. Repeat incorporating the variations of fillings.  Salmon & Cream Cheese, Ham & Avocado, Cucumber with buttered bread.

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