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Exploring the beauty of our new neighbourhood

September 21, 2022

It has been 5 weeks since we left our home by the ocean to move back to the City of Brisbane and be closer to family and friends. We are finally settling in and although we are now back in the suburbs, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have natural beauty surrounding me.

Regular readers know that I run, so I’ve been using my morning runs or afternoon walks to discover my new neighbourhood. Despite being surrounded by townhouse complexes I don’t feel shut in. Our townhouse complex is small with only 7 residences. We have a two-storey home and there are lots of green spaces that I can see from my windows.

Despite our yard backing onto neighbours, it is private. The neighbours have some beautiful trees which are visited by birds. Sitting in our courtyard, which needs some work, I’m having fun discussing ideas with my son-in-law who is a landscaper. I enjoy watching and listening to the various birdlife. You would not think you were less than 10km to a major city or 5 minutes to a major shopping mall!

Connecting with nature is so important for our health and well-being. It is an opportunity to move our bodies, reflect and be mindful to relax a ‘busy mind’ and of course, it enriches our soul. It certainly can lift the spirits and our mood.

Who doesn’t feel good taking a deep breath and admiring the beauty of the natural world?

On my first run, I discovered that we lived less than 1km from the beautiful Minnippi Parklands. This area is actually made up of several parks and I’ve only explored the one closest to my home. One side has playing fields, some gym equipment and the other side has beautiful picnic and bbq areas with a lake.

The area also plays host to the monthly Music in Minnippi a pop up music concert held on the second Sunday of every month in the beautiful Minnippi Parklands, Tingalpa near the duck pond viewing platform. which I’m hoping to attend with my darling in the future.

I love this little bridge that I cross to access the lake area. Bridges always suggest new possibilities to me – what adventures lay beyond?

Bridges to me mean new possibilities and adventures

This has become my regular running or walking route and I take a moment when I reach the lake to admire nature and the various bird life. It is such a pleasant and calming place to enjoy.

On my morning runs, I see people working out on the gym equipment or with personal trainers in the park. I see walkers, joggers and those taking their pooches for a morning walk. The afternoons are mainly walkers, dog walkers and joggers and it certainly is an area conducive to getting outside for some exercise and nature.

The area has been designed with health and fitness in mind with lots of walking paths and bikeways.

I’m enjoying exploring and discovering the delights of my new neighbourhood and what it has to offer for a healthy lifestyle to enrich my mind, body and soul.

What is your neighbourhood like? Do you have green spaces where you can connect to nature?

Sue Loncaric

I’m joining Denyse Whelan for her Wednesday’s Words & Pics linkup

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  • Reply Jennifer Jones September 21, 2022 at 07:26

    Looks like a beautiful area you’ve moved to Sue. I love to see councils providing amenities that make it easier to exercise outdoors.

    • Reply Sue Loncaric September 23, 2022 at 15:56

      It is lovely Jen to have this beautiful green space so close to our new home. I’m very happy x

  • Reply Susanne September 21, 2022 at 08:04

    How lovely that you have some nature around you, also after moving into Brisbane. Your running route looks absolutely fantastic!! Also, with your townhouse yard you can create a nice space with flower pots, some herbs and shrubs maybe?

    I live in the countryside as you probably know, and just need to go outside my door to get close to nature. The disadvantage is the very busy road outside our house and it’s very unpleasant to walk there so to go for proper walks, we need to go further away. But there is a little lane that goes down after my neighbour’s house, and I can walk a bit further away to take a small road that goes down to the sea, so it’s a fine area if you know where to go. I’m actually thinking of trying running! I never thought I’d say that. I’ve experienced some good results from my PT sessions recently (been doing them since March) and have been thinking that maybe now when I’m more fit, I could run. We’ll see how it goes.

    • Reply Sue Loncaric September 23, 2022 at 15:57

      I am enjoying still having some form of nature nearby since leaving the ocean which is one of my favourite places. Good for you aiming to start running. I didn’t start until I was 50 and at 65 I’m still going strong. x

  • Reply Retirement Reflections September 21, 2022 at 10:01

    What a stunning area, Sue, with so much natural beauty. I love the wildlife and that lovely bridge.
    I am delighted that you are already enjoying your new home.

    • Reply Sue Loncaric September 23, 2022 at 15:59

      Hi Donna, the green space was a lovely surprise and I really enjoy running by the lake. We are almost settled in so we can now get on with the business of enjoying our life. x

  • Reply Debbie September 21, 2022 at 12:35

    I love the look of your new area Sue and so much nature so close to big centres – how lucky are you!! Your photos are beautiful and I’m so happy that you are enjoying your change of location and getting out and about to explore what’s nearby. My neighbourhood is all rural as we live 5kms our of town on 18 acres of paddocks and next to a vineyard, with a forest up the back where I regularly walk. It’s quiet, rural and a beautiful place to wake up each morning – we’ve been here almost 30 years now and I never get sick of the views of snowy mountains or starry skies. Thanks for your lovely post!

    • Reply Sue Loncaric September 23, 2022 at 16:00

      It is a surprisingly lovely area Deb and I didn’t realise it was so close to our new home. You home and neighbourhood sounds lovely and I always enjoy your photos of your property and Tumbarrumba surrounds. I didn’t realise though you had so much land – all that space would be wonderful and calming. x

  • Reply leannelc September 21, 2022 at 12:47

    Hi Sue – what a beautiful park and it must be lovely running/walking through it and seeing all the wildlife. I think water has such a soothing influence on us and I’m grateful for the river and estuary that are near us. Glad you’re settling happily into your new place.

    • Reply Sue Loncaric September 23, 2022 at 16:01

      It is really lovely Leanne and such a surprise as I wasn’t aware of it when we purchased our new home. x

  • Reply Toni Pike September 21, 2022 at 15:34

    Hi Sue, So glad you’re settling in and love your walk, it’s beautiful! Toni x

    • Reply Sue Loncaric September 23, 2022 at 16:01

      Can’t wait to catch up with you Toni, next time you are in Brisbane x

  • Reply Suzanne@PictureRetirement September 21, 2022 at 21:48

    Sue, your new environment looks peaceful and I can see how it contributes to health and wellness. Glad you are settling in to the new place. I’d love to see how your garden updates turn out.

    • Reply Sue Loncaric September 23, 2022 at 16:02

      HI Suzanne it is a lovely area and I was pleasantly surprised that this beautiful space is so close to my home. The garden will have to wait until my son-in-law is free but he has some very creative ideas. I’ll keep you posted. x

      • Reply Janine September 26, 2022 at 13:27

        Your new area looks beautiful. It’s so lovely to have some form of nature nearby. I might check the area out as it will be a good place to meet up with my son and our friends in Brisbane. Thanks for sharing

        • Reply Sue Loncaric September 26, 2022 at 16:10

          It is so lovely Janine and lots of parkland to enjoy x

  • Reply Min @ Write of the Middle September 22, 2022 at 11:05

    Hi Sue, beautiful photos and I’m glad to hear you’re settling in well back in BrisVegas! Minnippi Parklands is not far from me so you must be living over my side of town. It’s a beautiful parkland that I’ve visited a few times but not often enough! It will be lovely being closer to family and particularly your grandchildren. Enjoy creating your new home! xo

    • Reply Sue Loncaric September 23, 2022 at 16:03

      Hi Min we are on the cusp of Carina and Carindale and I’m really enjoying being so close to Rachel. We should catch up for a coffee one day. x

  • Reply Tailorsmeasure September 22, 2022 at 12:33

    It looks really lovely! I can really understand why you’ve made the move back to Brisbane. I’ll keep my eye out for those musical events when we’re in Brissie.

    • Reply Sue Loncaric September 23, 2022 at 15:55

      Hi there! I was pleasantly surprised to discover the area so close to our new home. I’m looking forward to discovering the musical events also x

  • Reply Denyse Whelan Blogs September 22, 2022 at 17:21

    Sue that looks lovely. It’s so green and has open spaces. I too enjoy a bridge …and taking photos there too. When we return to Sydney I know many of the open spaces will have much more growth about them and will enjoy seeing the changes. I might miss the ocean but there will be much more to compensate as I look forward to more in-person connecting socially!
    So good to have you link up this week for Wednesday’s Words and Pics Link Up.

    Looking forward to connecting with you more again soon.

    It’s a weekly link up and I know it’s still new getting used to Wednesdays!

    I am grateful for your presence as a blogger and one who enjoys the connections we make.

    Warmest wishes,


    • Reply Sue Loncaric September 23, 2022 at 15:55

      It is lovely Denyse so I’m feeling good about where we live – still with nature and near my grandsons. What more could I want? xx

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