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Chicken & Sweet Corn Chowder à la Sue

May 3, 2023

I haven’t made Chowder since high school and I can remember I didn’t score very well. A couple of weeks ago, Mike wasn’t feeling well so we decided to have some meals that were gentle on the stomach and not too spicy. Looking through some recipes I decided to try my hand again at Chowder and see if 50 odd years later, my chowder making skills had improved.

I remember having a delicious Clam Chowder in Boston as well as when we recently visited Tasmania and really wanted to make it myself. I selected a clam chowder recipe from the Mary Berry’s Complete Cookbook and just substituted the chicken and corn.

Now as I’ve mentioned before I’m a rustic cook and don’t necessarily measure so I’ve put my approximations for what I did in the ingredients section. There a loads of recipes you can Google.

Chicken & Sweet Corn Chowder à la Sue

Serves 2 (generously) or 4 as a starter


2 chicken breasts (I prefer breast without skin to cut down on the fat content)
1 carrot peeled and diced
1 extra large or 2 medium sized potatoes
1 onion diced
1 large tin of Creamed Sweet Corn
450 ml Milk
2 tablespoons Plain Flour
40 gm of unsalted Butter
Sage (I picked a handful from the garden)
Thyme (also picked from the garden)
Pepper & Salt


You can use dried herbs instead of fresh


  • Place Chicken Breasts, carriots, thyme, sage, onions, salt and pepper (to taste) in large pot and cover with water.
  • Bring to boil and then simmer until Chicken is tender and can be pulled easily apart – about 15-20 minutes
  • Remove Chicken and reserve stock.
  • Add flour and butter to pan, stirring until combined
  • Add potatoes, milk and some stock about 150ml to bring to boil and simmer until tender
  • Flake chicken and add to potato mixture along with carrots, onions, creamed corn and herbs
  • Add more milk or stock if the sauce thickens too much. You want it with body but not too thick
  • Serve with crusty bread or as in my case I had made Rosemary & Olive Foccacia

My thoughts

  • This recipe was easy to make
  • I froze the unused portion of stock for future recipes
  • Ingredients are readily available
  • The result tasted delicious and I would definitely make it again. I’m thinking of the slow cooker next time perhaps.
  • My cooking skills have certainly improved since high school LOL 🙂
Chicken and Sweet Corn Chowder

Have you made chowder before? Do you have a favorite recipe?

Buon Appetit!

Sue Loncaric

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  • Reply Cathy May 3, 2023 at 09:56

    Now that’s one I’m eager to try. Thanks for setting the process down in such an easy to read and understand manner
    Our days are getting cooler down here in Melbourne – warm easy to cook meals plus soup is calling out to me.

    • Reply Sue Loncaric May 3, 2023 at 13:14

      It was delicious Cathy and I will definitely make it again. I hope you enjoy making it as Melbourne can get quite chilly xx

  • Reply Debbie May 3, 2023 at 10:52

    This looks great Sue, love your creativity and joy of cooking that shines through. I could make this 🙂

    • Reply Sue Loncaric May 3, 2023 at 13:14

      Hi Deb, I do enjoy cooking although I need to work on my food photography! Perhaps you can give me some lessons.x

  • Reply Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid May 3, 2023 at 13:55

    That looks so delicious and comforting and bonus points for it being so easy to make. I don’t think we have creamed corn here in the UK – it’s a very sad state of affairs. I bet a bowl of this yummy chowder made Mike feel better!

    • Reply Sue Loncaric May 4, 2023 at 06:49

      No creamed corn in the UK that is an outrage! LOL:) xx

  • Reply Bernadette May 3, 2023 at 20:45

    Sue, I like that you used chicken for this easy chowder recipe. I wonder if I could you leftover chicken to make the chowder. I hope hubby’s tummy is better.

    • Reply Sue Loncaric May 4, 2023 at 06:50

      I’m sure you could use leftover chicken you would really just need to reheat the chicken so do the sauce first. x

  • Reply The Widow Badass May 4, 2023 at 01:40

    I’ve made fish and clam chowders before but not one like this. I will definitely be coming back to this one when fall arrives in the northern hemisphere. I think it will become a fave!


    • Reply Sue Loncaric May 4, 2023 at 06:50

      I had clam chowder when we visited the East Coast in US a number of years ago. This recipe is a delicious alternative and pretty easy to make x

  • Reply Retirement Reflections May 4, 2023 at 02:44

    Hi, Sue – This recipe looks and sounds delicious. I swear that I can smell its wonderful aroma from here. I look forward to trying it. Thanks so much for the linkup. I wholeheartedly agree with Debbie that your creativity and joy of cooking radiate throughout this post. <3

    • Reply Sue Loncaric May 4, 2023 at 06:51

      I’m enjoying cooking in our new home, Donna. I just need you, Deb or Jo to take the photos!!! x

  • Reply Christie Hawkes May 5, 2023 at 05:59

    I have not made chowder before, Sue, but I do enjoy eating it, and your review has encouraged me to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

    • Reply Sue Loncaric May 8, 2023 at 08:41

      Hi Christie, the last time I made Chowder was in high school and it wasn’t a success. Second time round was much more successful and delicious. x

  • Reply Denyse Whelan Blogs May 5, 2023 at 16:32

    I am not such a fan of soups (even though I am able to give them a go) and I enjoy seeing what others make. I think you are LOVING your new place to call home!! I’m a bit late to commenting this week…oops. Thank you so much for joining in Wednesday’s Words and Pics. I hope you are here again soon. Denyse.

    • Reply Sue Loncaric May 8, 2023 at 08:42

      We don’t eat soups often Denyse but this chowder was quite hearty and filling. I am enjoying our new home and our renovation project. xx

  • Reply Janine May 8, 2023 at 15:00

    That looks delicious Sue and sounds nice and easy to make. I shall be giving this a try. Thanks for sharing and I hope Mike is feeling fully recovered now

    • Reply Sue Loncaric May 12, 2023 at 17:00

      So easy, Janine and a much better effort and result on my part compared to the last time I made chowder way back in first year of high school in 1970! x

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