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Gut Health – How to alleviate symptoms such as IBS & Bloating

November 19, 2020
Tummy Troubles IBS Bloating

Bloating, Irritable Bowel and inflammation can cause discomfort and at times pain. My next guest in the Conversations with Women Living Well After 50 Podcast, is Ange Sinclair, the Digestive Detective. During our conversation, we discussed Various symptoms which cause Tummy Troubles Foods to eat and those foods to avoid Strategies to keep your gut healthy How mindful eating helps digestion Why we have weight gain creep How much fibre do we need? Why you should have a baseline test…

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Keep on moving, keep on living

Keep Moving, Keep Doing, Keep Living ON WITH THE BUTTER!

My guest today is Heidi Herman, author of several books including her most recent “On with the Butter, Spread more living into everyday life’. Inspired by her 94 year old mother who at the time of her death was still writing of her experiences…

October 22, 2020
Becoming Bold and Adventurous After 50

Becoming Bold & Adventurous After 50

One of the key factors to aging well – and just as important one as all of the above – is to engage in regular social interaction.  And not just with friends and family.  Belonging to groups and communities has been proven to be…

October 15, 2020