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Lunch in the Rainforest at Mount Tamborine

February 2, 2022

Mr M and I have made a New Year Intention to have a ‘Date Day’ on a regular basis and discover our own backyard. COVID has made socialising and travelling very difficult. We have both had our boosters but are still reluctant to get out and about and of course international travel is certainly off the agenda for the time being. A couple of weeks ago we visited the Hinze Dam which was 30 minutes drive from where we live…

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Brisbane and Gold Coast
Over 50s Lifestyle Travel

My View from Here

This week’s prompt at Denyse Whelan Blogs is ‘My View from Here’ so I thought I would share where I live (part-time at the moment) on the Gold Coast, and also my home in Brisbane.  Both are in Queensland, Australia and about 1 hour’s…

December 4, 2017