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Mexican Bowl – Quick, Easy, Delicious and Healthy

April 6, 2022

Wellness Wednesday this week is a healthy recipe! Mr M and I have decided to get back to trying new recipes and that includes healthier options that still taste delicious. We discovered Mexican bowls in Banff, Canada (would you believe?) and have wanted to re-create them at home. This week we decided it was time and so we did! The results were delicious and looked so colourful. I will definitely be putting this recipe on our regular menu. Why is…

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Over 50s Lifestyle Recipes

Individual Camembert & Asparagus Tarts

These delicious tarts are very versatile. You can use them as an entree, a snack or an inclusion in your picnic basket. They are quick and easy to make, even the pastry! Individual Camembert & Asparagus Tarts Serves 8 – we used 2 and…

March 2, 2022
Chocolate Hearts
Over 50s Lifestyle Recipes

Chocolate Hearts with Raspberries & Yogurt

Who doesn’t love dessert and this Chocolate Heart with Rasbperries & Yogurt was perfect to finish off our special 3-course Valentine’s dinner. A no-bake dessert that was fairly easy to make and looked pretty impressive when decorated. I didn’t have a heart-shaped tin so…

February 27, 2022
Over 50s Lifestyle Recipes

Healthy & Nourishing Slow Cooked Soups

Although we are heading into Summer where I live, over the Winter break both my darling and I suffered with coughs and colds – no not COVID thank goodness, although we are both veterans now at having COVID tests! In pre-COVID days we would…

October 26, 2021
Over 50s Lifestyle Recipes

Making Memories through Baking

I’ve discovered that my two grandsons love baking. Ethan (E1) is 7 years old and Elliot (E2) is 3. Children have a wonderful gift of helping you to Live in the Moment, don’t they? During the last school holidays and a recent sleepover with…

August 4, 2021