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The Freedom to step out of your fashion comfort zone. Why you shouldn’t judge a dress from the coat hanger

January 22, 2024

‘Never judge a book by it’s cover’ is the old saying and last week I was reminded that you can’t judge a dress or any item of clothing on a coat hanger, because it can look completely different when you try it on. I know you will probably say that’s obvious but it was a pleasant surprise for me as online purchases aren’t always successful. If you are regular readers or follow me on Instagram you will know that from…

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Fashion Over 50s Lifestyle

Bringing back the Hat!

Last week, Min from Write of the Middle launched her Wednesday Words & Whimsey a weekly link up. I love the word Whimsey. It is a light-hearted word, a word that makes you want to step out of the ordinary and do something different.…

November 1, 2023
Winter Fashion 2020
Fashion Over 50s Lifestyle

Winter Fashion 2020

Winter has arrived in Australia however many of us have not been thinking of fashion as we stay at home in isolation dressed in clothing more for comfort than style. Restrictions are starting to lift and I asked Christine Blundell from Savvy Style at…

June 25, 2020