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Health & Wellness Wellness Wednesday

Australia’s Biggest Blood Pressure Check

May 18, 2022
Blood pressure check with the doctor

When was the last time you checked your Blood Pressure? Do you understand the importance of knowing your blood pressure stats and regularly checking them? High Blood pressure (hypertension) is still the single largest risk factor for stroke and it can be prevented. 4.7 Million Australians live with High Blood pressure but you can do something about it. Medication and/or lifestyle changes can help to keep blood pressure under control. Recently, I went to the Doctor for my annual checkup…

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Health & Wellness Wellness Wednesday

Daily Stretches for Women Over 50

How flexible do you feel? Can you easily move about, stand, sit, do your daily bending, stretching and reaching? Do you take time to stretch your stretch? Do you take time to stretch after your workout? Stretching to keep our bodies flexible is something…

May 11, 2022