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Best of Boomer Blogs – October

October 1, 2018
Best of Boomer Blogs October

It is time again for me to host the Best of Boomer Blogs and this week our contributors cover a variety of topics which always makes for interesting informative and entertaining reading.

In this edition our writers discuss:

  • our memories and could you remember something from 30 years ago? ,
  • a mother’s story coping with her son’s suicide
  • Banned Books week and people’s rights
  • pain management options
  • what’s happened to Men?
  • the right way to wash your pillow
  • Women’s lib today and yesterday

and on Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond, I look at the Why taking a break is important for our health and happiness as I leave for a 14 day cruise around Japan.

So make a coffee and catch up on some interesting and helpful reading in the…

Best of Boomer Blogs – October

How is your memory these days?

This week the news media obsessed about events that occurred over 30 years ago. Meryl Baer of Six Decades and Counting considered her memories and what would happen if she were questioned about an obscure event in her life, whether it happened decades ago or recently. Her thoughts on her ability to recall not-so-memorable events are discussed in her latest post My Muddled Memory.

Could you cope with losing a child to suicide?

It’s unthinkable, that a parent would lose a son to suicide. But when that happened to this mother, her life unfolded in unexpected ways. Read her story about Coping with Suicide at A Healing Spirit.

Do you know there is actually a Banned Books Week in the US?

The last week in September is recognized as Banned Books Week in the United States.  The theme this year is that banning books silences stories.  Jennifer, at Unfold And Begin, firmly believes that no one has the right to silence anyone’s story.  In So You Want To Ban A Book? Jennifer discusses alternate steps someone can take if they find themselves wanting to ban a book.  She followed that up with the post, The Right Of The People, which shares some books that have been banned or burned throughout history.

Is pain management a problem for you?

Rebecca Olkowski with is working with Omron Healthcare to spread awareness about drug-free pain management options. She is going to be trying out their Avail wireless TENS device to see how it works. Stay tuned for her journey.

What’s happened to Men?

Tom Sightings went to get his flu shot this past week — don’t forget to get your flu shot this fall! — which made him think about one of his pet peeves, one that contributes to a basic inequality in America today. In the spirit of being somewhat relevant  — and hopefully not insensitive in light of the hysteria around the news this week — he explores the issue of What’s Happened to the Men?

How do you wash your pillows?

On The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, writes about how to wash pillows. Robison recently ruined one, so she thought her readers would benefit from this information, too.

Laura Lee Carter looks at Women’s Liberation Yesterday and Today and suggests that Sometimes it feels to me that the young American women of today need a serious history lesson in exactly how much things have changed in the past fifty years.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of BBB and if you did, we would love you to leave a comment and share the love.

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  • Reply Donna October 1, 2018 at 10:25

    Hi, Sue – Awesome roundup with some very provocative introductions. I am off to read more! Enjoy your upcoming time away — VERY well-deserved!

    • Reply Sue Loncaric October 1, 2018 at 10:28

      Thanks Donna I hope you enjoy the posts. Some of the bloggers are so totally different to my niche it is a change to read their thoughts xx

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