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Becoming fitter & healthier After 50

April 28, 2021
Becoming fitter & healthier After 50

Like many of us, turning 50 can mean taking a long hard look at our health and discovering that perhaps we aren’t where we would like to be. Menopause, weight gain which seems to creep up on us, loss of muscle strength, and years of looking after others means we aren’t in the best physical or mental shape we could be.

But! It’s never too late to start.

How to lose weight, become fitter & healthier After 50

My guests in Conversation are Chris Brown and Jill McCauslin from Becoming Elli an online community, dedicated to becoming and staying fit by gaining strength and having fun at the same time.

I was delighted to chat with them both as a few months ago I was a guest on their podcast Fit Strong Women Over 50

Both Chris and Jill have struggled with weight gain and general loss of fitness.  They share their personal journey and how they overcame these challenges which are common to most of us in midlife.  We also chatted about the meaning behind the name Becoming Elli and their podcast Fit Strong Women After 50.

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Meet Jill and Chris

Jill McCauslin and Chris Brown, two women who both hit their fifties, lost weight, became fit, and discovered that running and lifting weights can be a lot of fun. We got fit in our fifties and plan to stay fit and get strong well into our sixties and beyond.

Jill and Chris decided to create an online community called Becoming Elli, dedicated to becoming and staying fit by gaining strength and having fun at the same time. We want to investigate different ideas about fitness, food, and general health.

Becoming Elli is dedicated to women becoming strong and fit in the second half of life.

Our friendship became a great way to have a buddy for running and discussing nutrition and comparing gym workouts. One day we were discussing our future plans and discovered that we both wanted to start a blog/podcast/community for women like ourselves and from that conversation, Becoming Elli was born.

We are “becoming”, because it is a never-ending process of getting and staying fit and strong. And you’ve probably never heard of Elli before, but she is the Norse Goddess of Aging who surprised everyone when she was challenged to a wrestling match with Thor… and WON.

We named our community “Becoming Elli” because we know that there is a whole group of women over 50, who are working together become and stay fit and strong.

That’s about the extent of our knowledge of Elli and nobody seems to be making a super-hero movie about her. But we’re inspired by Elli and we think we can become like her: surprisingly strong as we age.

Connect with Chris and Jill

Website at Becoming Elli

Podcast: Fit Strong Women Over 50

Women Living Well After 50

Living Life Your Way


  • Reply Debbie Harris April 29, 2021 at 19:21

    I really enjoyed this today Sue and they are both charming and authentic women, just like you!

    • Reply Sue Loncaric April 30, 2021 at 12:15

      Thanks Deb, I really enjoy chatting to Chris and Jill because we are so like minded. xx

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