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Putting the focus on Thankfulness in October

October has come and gone and during the month I re-discovered some bloggers who I had drifted away from. One in particular was Leslie from Once Upon A Time Happily Ever After. I joined Leslie and some other bloggers for a Chilli-Soup-Stew Blog Hop…

November 2, 2021
Over 50s Lifestyle Recipes

Healthy & Nourishing Slow Cooked Soups

Although we are heading into Summer where I live, over the Winter break both my darling and I suffered with coughs and colds – no not COVID thank goodness, although we are both veterans now at having COVID tests! In pre-COVID days we would…

October 26, 2021
Over 50s Lifestyle

Indoor or Outdoor what’s your favourite decor?

Are you an Indoor or Outdoor person? Are you both? The topic this week on #SundayStills photography challenge, hosted by Terri from Second Wind Leisure, is Indoor/Outdoor decor. I started thinking about the topic and thought about how I enjoy both the Indoors as…

October 25, 2021