Are you on the Slippery Slope?

Are you on the Slippery Slope? Is your body experiencing subtle changes that you aren’t noticing and suddenly you find bending and stretching difficult? There is no avoiding aging but the quality of our aging bodies can be helped with some small changes to our every day activities. You can re-discover your energy and enjoy life, it’s never too late. Avoiding the Slippery Slope is the topic of the next episode on the Women Living Well After 50 podcast. My guest in conversation is Peta Gillian from Strong Healthy Women. During the conversation Peta shared: How to recognise the signs that you may be headed down the slippery slope What Functional Fitness really means and why resistance exercises are so important especially after 50 Simple ways to start feeling stronger & fitter today How to start exercising again and how we should be moving after 50 Listen to the Podcast Watch the Video Meet Peta Peta Gillian is qualified fitness and lifestyle professional who is passionate about helping women 50+ stay strong, fit, and flexible to slow the impact of ageing on their everyday life through her award winning FITFlex, Ageless Confidence and Fuelled up Programs. She’s been invited to … Continue reading Are you on the Slippery Slope?