Are you living life YOUR way? (or trying too hard to Please)

I’ve just finished a book by Cathy Kelly, ‘The Family Gift’ as well as Jane Eyre which I’ve been reading with my book club.  Two totally different books but I enjoyed both.  I’ll be writing more about my review in my monthly ‘What’s on my bookshelf?’ post at the end of July.  In the meantime I’m always interested in what others are reading so feel free to drop me a comment or reply to this email with any books you recommend. Okay, so back to The Family Gift.  Cathy Kelly, is an author that I enjoy when I don’t have to think too deeply.  Her books are usually thought provoking but don’t give me a headache.  The Family Gift was not what I expected and it actually gave me pause several times as I bookmarked pages with ideas and quotes I wanted to remember or to ruminate on.  Spoiler alert some baring of the soul might be contained in this email  Treat yourself to the heartwarming, hilarious new novel from Sunday Times bestseller Cathy Kelly!   This was how Goodreads described the book, yet when I read it I actually didn’t find it hilarious.  It was real life, although at times I thought the … Continue reading Are you living life YOUR way? (or trying too hard to Please)