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5 Steps to Making ‘The Change’ a Positive One

March 31, 2016
Making the change a positive one

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I was honoured to be asked to write an article for Dr Catherine Hansen’s Woman2Woman blog. Dr Hansen specialises in Women’s Health and recently wrote a 5 part series of articles for my website about Menopause.

Here is the opening extract from my post and I hope you will click on the link below to read the article in full then keep reading below my 5 Steps to Start Your Journey of Positivity Today.

In previous generations, Menopause was often referred to as ‘The Change of Life’ and also a time when women withdrew from society as they felt they had nothing more to offer. The subject was never discussed and women battled through the best they could with little or no support. How sad and HOW WRONG!

I’d like to give you my version of ‘The Change of Life’ and how it can be a wonderful time in our lives. My motto is ‘Riding the Waves of Midlife with Positivity, Fun and Laughter’. Yes, we can feel sorry for ourselves or put up with ‘our lot in life’ or we can try to be happy and enjoy life to the full!!

In my post ‘Positive Aging is Positively Wonderful’ I suggest that the way we view aging and midlife is our choice! It is up to YOU how you feel and how you live. You can be dragged down by the physical side of menopause – the hot flushes, mood swings and night sweats OR you can do something about it and enjoy life. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

So let's not dwell on the negatives but rather concentrate on the Positives. We have reached midlife!Click To Tweet

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I would love you to click on the link below, read the article in full and let me know your thoughts.

Making ‘The Change’ a Positive One


Take the 5 steps to start your journey of Positivity today


1. Change to a healthier lifestyle, making better food choices and including regular exercise.


2. Try new things – joining a group, studying, learning a language or travelling more.


3. Learn to say ‘NO’ without the guilt


4. Make Time for ‘ME TIME’


5. Smile more

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Let’s Keep Sizzling!


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