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5 keys to healthy ageing – I’m a Guest at Inspire My Style

August 16, 2019
5 keys to healthy ageing

When Candi Randolph from Inspire My Style, asked me to contribute as a guest for her new series, The Midlife Tool Box – Top tools for Healthy Living, I loved the idea which fitted well into my Ageing Well in August theme.  The idea of a Midlife Toolbox that contained all the necessary tools for Healthy Living in Midlife and Beyond certainly appeals to me. 

In my post I share 5 keys to healthy ageing and also some specialty tools that I have in my toolbox for difficult times.

5 keys to healthy ageing

Whilst I believe I’m using all the tools, writing this post gave me the opportunity to audit my toolbox and restock – something we all need to do regularly in life – audit and restock.

So, what does my Toolbox for healthy living and ageing well contain?

  • My Attitude
  • Nourishment for Mind, Body and Soul
  • Movement and Functional Fitness
  • Staying Connected

My Speciality Tools

I also have specialty tools that aren’t required all the time but ones I rely on when I need some extra care and attention.

I would love you to pop over to Inspire my Style and read my post in detail. Just click on the link below. While you are there say hello to Candi who is delightful and one of my tribe.

Does your Midlife Toolbox need an audit?

What are your 5 keys to Healthy Ageing?

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