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September 2015

Blogging Tips n Tricks

Blogger Recognition Award – I was nominated!

I was pleasantly surprised when Michelle from Grammie Time nominated me for The Blogger Recognition Award. I appreciate Michelle for following and reading my blog.  Michelle always leaves a meaningful comment and it is like hearing from an old friend.  I am grateful to…

September 17, 2015
Recovery Rest Nurture
Health & Wellness

Why It is Important to Have Fitness Recovery Days

Starting a new fitness program can be exciting and challenging.  You are inspired to start training and may even have chosen an event as a goal to train for.  Exercise and fitness is important to our health and well being, however, learning to listen…

September 14, 2015
Over the Moon Link Party

Anything Goes Link Party #22

    Welcome to the #AnythingGoes Link Party #22! It’s that time again…it’s Monday and Anything Goes! That’s right party friends you can link up any family friendly post! Have a post you want to give more reach? Need some comments or shares? Want…

September 14, 2015
Wish and Make it happen
Discover Yourself

Don’t Wish it Would Happen – Make it Happen

The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines ‘a wish’ as ‘Feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that cannot or probably will not happen’ We all have desires and dreams which we aspire to achieve.  What would life be if we didn’t…

September 9, 2015
Over the Moon Link Party

Wednesday’s Wisdom #33

STOP THE PRESS!!! From today, #Wednesday’sWisdom will be live for two weeks and you will be able to post up to 5 posts each fortnight. So come and link up with us at #Wednesday’s Wisdom and post your favourite links, make new friends and…

September 9, 2015