2 questions to ask yourself when life overwhelms you

Do you have times when you feel that there is just too much going on in your life?  I felt this way last Monday. I looked at my calendar and every day had several appointments or commitments and I just felt overwhelmed.  Also, during the week it was R U Okay? day. Although we should check in with our mental and emotional health daily. Reach out and ask family or friends who might be struggling if they are okay when we see signs rather than just waiting for one day each year, R U Okay day does spotlight mental health and that is a good thing. Checking in with myself I found I wasn’t doing brilliantly. Don’t get me wrong, I thrive on being busy as most of you will know from reading my blog. I love being involved in life BUT not if it is becoming a burden rather than enjoyment. I’ve been working on the direction I want to take WLWA50, what I want to offer you all to Live Well plus other projects with some friends I’m in collaboration with.  I found myself looking at online courses, signing up for Wellness Summits which meant hours of video … Continue reading 2 questions to ask yourself when life overwhelms you