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10 Steps to A New Improved You – Change

June 27, 2015

change youWelcome to Part 2 of 10 Steps to a New Improved You!  Before we move onto the second part of this series let’s recap what we have learned so far.

In my previous post Diet is A Dirty Word – we learnt that dieting, especially ‘fad’ diets is a quick fix for weight loss but certainly not sustainable as a lifestyle choice.  Remember that I also said you need to remove the ‘D’ word from your vocabulary and replace it with the daily mantra ‘I will lead a fit and healthy lifestyle’ .

In Part 1 of 10 Steps to A New Improved You – we discussed the first five steps towards a New Improved You.  They were:-

  • Look in the mirror and take a critical look at yourself and decide how your future self will be
  • Commit – You have to make a long lasting commitment to yourself – no one else!  Stop making excuses or blaming others, now is the time for you to really feel great and enjoy life!
  • Get Organized – Anything worthwhile achieving needs to be planned for, so you need to get organized!  Don’t say I’m starting my new lifestyle today while you still have crisps, soda and other ‘unhealthy food’ in your cupboard.
  • Day 1 Photo & Measurements – to keep reminding you of where you were and where you want to be and record your progress
  • Make a Mood Board – to reinforce your determination to achieve your goals

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Steps 6 – 10 are about Lifestyle Changes to your diet and exercise habits.

Change is never easy especially if you have lifelong habits that require change.  Change is imperative if you want a New Improved You!  There is no quick fix solutions these changes are LIFESTYLE changes which you need to adapt to your new life.  Over the next few months I will be sharing more ideas and details of how you can achieve the New Improved You.  This is just the start of an exciting journey for you!

This is where you will need your diary.

healthy eat6.  Change your Eating Habits & Make Healthier Food Choices

  • Eat Breakfast – We have all heard the saying ‘Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like Prince and Dinner Like a Pauper’.  Make sure you eat a healthy substantial Breakfast to kick start your metabolism.  I’m guilty of having fallen into the habit of not eating breakfast so that by mid morning I’m starving!  When I do eat a good, healthy breakfast it gives me the energy to get through the day.
  • Fresh is Bestincrease the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet.  Cut back on packaged and processed foods.
  • Smaller Portions – this is difficult however you need to cut down on the portion size of your meals.  Don’t eat until you can’t fit anything else in.  Eat until you feel comfortable but not full.
  • Record what you eat – write everything you eat – yes even a cracker – into your diary each day.  At the end of the week read through and see if there are any areas you can ‘tweak’ to include healthier food choices.
  • One Cheat Meal per week – remember I said this is a lifestyle change not a quick fix.  How many times have we started diets and then fallen off the wagon because we have continually denied ourselves and then binged.  It is far better to congratulate yourself and enjoy one cheat meal per week.  ONLY ONE THOUGH!!!

walking7. Exercise Daily for at least 30 minutes

You need to get your heart rate going so even a brisk walk is a good way to start your exercise regime.  Again record what you did and the time in your diary.  For more hints read my Six Steps to Starting an Exercise Program Today

water28.  Increase Your Water Intake

Drink at least 2 litres of water each day.  Fill a two litre bottle and make sure you drink it throughout the day so none is left at day’s end.  Water flushes out the system and helps make your skin clear and glowing.  If you feel like snacking you might be thirsty rather than hungry so have a glass of water instead of that biscuit!

9lemon juice in water.  Start the Day with Lemon in Warm Water

Starting the day with the juice of half a lemon in a glass of warm water again helps flush the toxins from you body and keeps you regular.  My Article What’s the Fad with Lemon in Warm Water details the benefits of this old fashioned practice.

weekly weigh in10.  Weekly Weigh In & Review

Don’t hop on the scales every 5 minutes.  Our bodies retain fluids and weighing too frequently will give you an inaccurate picture of your progress.

Weigh yourself ONLY ONCE A WEEK in the same clothes (or naked if you prefer) and record your weight.  Try to wear the same clothes and you should start noticing a difference in how they feel.

REVIEW YOUR DIARY NOTES when you have your weekly weigh in.  See your progress over the week, what you have eaten, when you have exercised and wee where you could make improvements.


celebrateSet sub goals and then celebrate your achievements.  For example a sub goal might be losing 2 kgs or increasing the distance you have walked.  By setting sub goals along the way and celebrating them you keep yourself motivated and on track.  Treat yourself (preferably not with food) perhaps a new outfit or exercise gear.

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  • Reply Janelle @ Run With No Regrets June 30, 2015 at 04:47

    This is a great guide! I think getting used to smaller portions is the hardest part – working with my dietitian I learned that portions shouldn’t be larger than your hand, unless they’re veggies!

    • Reply sue June 30, 2015 at 16:33

      Hi Janelle, I’m the same with portion size – I wish I had my husband’s hand LOL:) thanks for commenting and keep up the good work.

  • Reply Terri Webster Schrandt July 1, 2015 at 10:26

    This is really great info, Sue! Portion size is such a hard thing to stick with. A lot of these tips are similar to what Weight Watchers taught me a few years ago. Great reminders! I read a great blog post yesterday about how as we age, we need to eat fewer calories–hard to do!

    • Reply sue July 1, 2015 at 15:16

      Portion control is the hardest for me Terri! I wish my hand was the same size as my husbands LOL:) Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

  • Reply Natasha in Oz July 13, 2015 at 11:03

    Fantastic advice here, thank you. I’m not a breakfast person but have been trying really hard to eat it these last couple of weeks and have noticed that it keeps me satisfied for longer through the day. I must drink more water though-I’ve been neglecting that this winter!

    Best wishes and thanks for hosting Anything Goes!
    Natasha in Oz

    • Reply sue July 13, 2015 at 15:27

      I’m not a breakfast person either Natasha unless I’m on holidays and then I prefer brunch. My P.T. is always on my case to eat properly so even a banana is better than nothing. Its hard to keep the water intake up during winter but it is still important. Thanks for joining us at #AnythingGoes and have a great week. See you next Monday. You might also like to link up with our #WednesdaysWisdom link up you would be most welcome

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